3 creative themes that would impress your attendees at a gala

Being creative is what we at planitswiss aim for, but to be “smartly” creative in event planning is the goal. We express our creativity by thinking out of the box and smartly considering our surroundings to develop themes that fit the venue, architecture and space. It is indeed very simple to go on search engines […]

Practicing sustainability in event management

Photo credit: Pinterest Short-lasting and non-permanent in nature, events usually come and goes, often resulting in an unintentional oversight when it comes to practicing sustainability. As event organisers, we truly believe in committing to sustainability during the entire life cycle of an event. Green practices go beyond simply limiting waste. In this article, we discuss […]

Why an Event Management App is a MUST HAVE at your next event

The evolution of technology has proven to be a total game changer for the events industry in several aspects. In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of utilising an event management app and event registration tool for your next event. Registration There are many ways an event registration tool can contribute to the […]