Why an Event Management App is a MUST HAVE at your next event

The evolution of technology has proven to be a total game changer for the events industry in several aspects. In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of utilising an event management app and event registration tool for your next event.


There are many ways an event registration tool can contribute to the success of your event. Through a simplified online registration process, you will be able to attract more attendees as well as easily obtain the full suite of data for actionable intelligence! You can now manage your data with ease, create automated marketing campaigns through the CMS platform, access the admin dashboard for an overview of your registrants’ profile, and even manage flight details, accommodation, logistics and many more.

Complete information at your fingertips

Get access to event information anytime and anywhere! Not only will attendees be able to view and navigate the event agenda, they will also gain access to presentation slides as well as speakers, exhibitors and sponsors’ profiles. With integrated floor plans, attendees will be able to get to the venue and navigate in the different event areas with ease.

Communication made easier

An event management app helps build and streamline communication between all parties – before, during and even after the event. Meeting and staying connected with other attendees become convenient as everyone remains connected once they are logged onto the app. Attendees can also look forward to the latest development concerning the event via the app. In addition, the ability to send push notification messages makes communicating with a thousand attendees a breeze for event organisers.


Printed agendas, REPRINTED agendas – it is no hidden secret that event agendas are susceptible to change especially at the eleventh hour due to a VIP speaker dropout, change in session timings or the engagement of a new speaker. An event management app eliminates a significant bulk of the inconvenience associated with reprinting as content can be updated in real-time. The integration of digital communication feature within the app also reduces mailing cost.

Mother Earth thanks you

Going digital would mean eliminating the use of printed agenda booklets and event advertisements. By saving paper, we are reducing the quantity of waste buried in landfills, and in turn reducing the amount of energy and pollution that comes with manufacturing, transporting, and recycling new paper products. Ultimately, by saving paper, we are reducing the need to cut down trees to create more paper. Going digital is a small way for us all to play our part in preserving the environment.

planitswiss - AIO Event Management App

Increase sponsors/exhibitors ROI

An event management app enables an exhibitor the ability to be connected with more attendees and other exhibitors who are at the event. Networking opportunities are no longer confined to those who were at their booth in person thanks to the chat function in the event app.

planitswiss - AIO Event Management App

A good event management app is beneficial to the event organiser as well as the attendees by offering a holistic event experience to all stakeholders.

Optimise your events with our AIO event management app. AIO is an end to end platform built to assist you in managing your event digitally, enabling a seamless event experience for your attendees!

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