Practicing sustainability in event management

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Short-lasting and non-permanent in nature, events usually come and goes, often resulting in an unintentional oversight when it comes to practicing sustainability. As event organisers, we truly believe in committing to sustainability during the entire life cycle of an event. Green practices go beyond simply limiting waste. In this article, we discuss the contributing factors to sustainability.

Energy Efficiency

Request for low consumption infrastructures, opt for LED lightings, reduce the use of heating or aircon consumption by selecting suitable locations to host your events throughout the year.


Everyone loves the cheaper alternatives, even if it means having to transport these products from half a world away. Go green and go local! Working with local suppliers and fostering partnerships with organisations that share the same values and priorities of sustainable development as you, such as through reusing as much as possible and limiting waste consumption. Always group your deliveries in one truck!

Limit waste & usage of natural resources

For starters, consider if you really need to send out invitations in paper form. Disseminating this digitally through email communications would be a sustainable alternative and would allow for quick reaction time from prospects!

Every event would inevitably create waste – what we can do is to sort the waste. Event organisers usually skip this part as it is difficult and tedious as everything has to be done very quickly and efficiently, however putting aside glass, plastic, etc. is not as difficult as it appears to be! Although we would like to impress our attendees at every chance we get, but do we really need a new carpet every time? Look at how we practice sustainability through our past events! 

Social Development

Local partners might not have all the required resources you are seeking. Developing long-term partnerships through training staff, ensuring common purchase of goods and developing a common understanding will ease your tasks while working in a sustainable way.

Innovative solutions reducing your carbon footprints

Consider if you really need for translators to be physically present during your event. With modern technology and through the use of event management apps, we can now enable remote interpretation for events! Other times, event live streaming proves to be a valuable option for participants.

Food & Beverage

Often times events contribute to a significant amount of plastic and food wastes. We can play our part by taking responsibility in committing to the best estimate number of participants for the event. We should also consume local produce wherever possible.

As an event agency that takes a lot of pride in sustainable practices, we do our best to incorporate this in everything we do!

Cultivating Talents

Our boutique approach is based on highly skilled employees that we cultivate in-house upon completion of University studies. Country Managers, Directors and Senior Project Managers have often started off as trainees.

Work-Life Balance

The long working hours, the high pressure – there is no denying that events is a tough business! In our workplace we strongly encourage healthy work-life balance. Afterall, it has been reported that the most outstanding employees are the ones who enjoy their work.

Partnering with all Stakeholders

@planitswiss we consider employees and clients as partners. Our privately held company facilitates the ever-increasing pressure to optimize shareholder values, supporting a sustainable development of our group.

Join us as a client, employee or partner in creating the next sustainable event!