Keeping up with events industry trends in 2020

The 2020 trends in event management companies reflect what is going on in events at large, with more demand for customisation and creating a memorable attendee experience, to name a few. In this article we highlight a few pointers and discuss why they should be adopted for your upcoming event.

Sustainability initiatives

Our planet is changing, and the amount of available natural resources is rapidly declining. The events industry can no longer disregard the growing movement for rising environmental accountability and as a result, sustainability in event management has quickly become a top priority. Being a responsible event planner, we believe in doing our part through socially responsible practices and initiatives in ensuring that we reduce the environmental footprint during the process of organising and executing events.

There is more than one way to consider sustainability in event planning; some of which includes the selection of the right venue (LEED, ISO 20121, or EMAS certified venues), ensuring environmental-friendly transportation options for participants, donating excess food, utilising living centrepieces that can be given back in plantation after the event or even something simple such as renting items as opposed to purchasing and subsequently disposing of them, etc. – every little detail matters.

If you are keen to practice sustainability in event planning but have no idea how to choose greener alternatives, do seek an event company that specialises in the environmentally friendly field. These professionals would be in a better position to advise you on the necessary steps to take. Showing your support for these initiatives would go a long way in reducing our environmental footprint.

Rise of Bleisure Travel

A rising corporate travel trend, Bleisure, derived from the word “business” and “leisure”, is a growing consideration factor for attendees in choosing to attend an event. Generally, it means to combine business and leisure into one trip.

Business travelers now take advantage of their trip to visit local attractions and points of interests in the city. As an event organiser, consider integrating heritage, leisure and cultural tours as part of the agenda or as alternatives for free and easy activities. Source for an attractive destination that not only has a lot of leisure offerings such as museums and monuments, beach locations or mountain destinations, but ensure that in doing so, you will be able to comply with the overall event needs and budget.

Plan your conference dates such that it ends right before the weekend, to provide attendees the luxury to extend their trip for personal activities at their own time after the event.

Unique venue experiences     

Hosting venues in hotels have become a tradition and will soon become obsolete. Explore venues that were not constructed for the sole purpose of hosting events such as aircraft hangars or warehouses in industrial buildings. Step out of your comfort zone and organise your event at a rented parking lot or bungalow.

By organising events at a purpose-built venue you are capitalising on creating the wow factor for attendees through something that they would not naturally expect. Not only do such venues provide exclusivity and personalisation, they also provide an edge as well as an original and photo-rich opportunity for your event. These venues also give you room to explore a lot of versatile options that can be aligned with your event theme. Be bold with your choice of venue and you will be surprised to see the beauty and wonder that can emerge from it.

Demand for exclusivity

Exclusivity is one of the crucial factors in generating interest for attendees to attend your event. This has undoubtedly been the growing trend in the last few years. As event planners, we need to keep up with this trend and curate extraordinary experiences for attendees.

Buyout an entire luxury villa such that everyone in the venue is part of your event. In doing this, it promotes a sense of belonging and also allows for ample networking opportunities through knowing that everyone you meet during your stay, whether at breakfast in the morning or at the gym in the evening, will be associated with the event.

Or pick a point on the map and build a venue from scratch around it. This gives you the freedom to design an event from nothing and customise it to fit your event needs. 

Artificial Intelligence vs Natural Intelligence

In recent years, event professionals are spending more on event technology as we approach the digital age. Soon, we will no longer need humans to run on-site events, just machines. AI is increasingly becoming the norm behind attendee experience. Tap into the growing technologies by incorporating them into events with a greater budget.

Program scenarios that can help with simplifying attendee navigation during an event or enhance attendee networking experience through voice assistance.

For example, if someone is asking where a certain exhibitor is located in the event venue, go one step further by asking if they would like to schedule a meeting with the exhibitor. Another example would be linking registration details to QR codes on attendee badges such that all the details pop up when you scan the QR code on an attendee’s badge.

While some of these concepts have been around for awhile, they are very quickly taking priority at events because they are on the mind of attendees. It is something they are trying to incorporate in their lifestyle so they need to be integrated in your events as well. You may like to check out this event management app – AIO which will ease your event planning.

2020 will be a big year for the event planning industry and we cannot be more excited. Feel free to reach out to us at if you are looking for an event agency for your upcoming event.

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