planitswiss Asia is pleased to announce its 10th year Anniversary operating in Singapore as an event production and innovative digital events solution provider on this October 18th, 2022.


planitswiss began its international expansion in 2012 with Singapore as the first international office for planitswiss global operations since its inception in 2006 in Switzerland. It now has offices in Rwanda, France, and Switzerland; all of which strive to expand the company motto of “You host, we care.”

“The decision was based on the business-friendly environment, good economic structures, and strong relationships we held in Singapore and Asia as a whole” said Michel Huguenin, planitswiss Global CEO. “We were stimulated by the feedbacks we received from our partners in the market on the need for our expertise along with the brand we had built of championing the Swiss quality in the creativity and coordination of events we held.”

“planitswiss Asia office started with humble beginnings. We were coordinating small to medium events, but quickly grew thanks to the ecosystem. A few years later, we could tap into big conferences and rapidly the Asian events became our biggest events in planitswiss group.” notes Arthur Bontemps, 2012 Singapore Country Director.

planitswiss Asia acknowledge and thanks the clients who entrusted us with the events in Asia as we decided to embark on the journey. The strength of the long-standing relations we had with our clients such as Nespresso, Eurocham and PARIMA became the foundation of our presence in Singapore.

planitswiss Asia created a virtual registration platform and online event tool inspired by the technological, and innovative ecosystem of Singapore. We pioneered by developing AIO event solution which enabled us to deploy virtual events, and hybrid events globally from our various offices.

“The last 2 years have been extremely challenging for the industry. We had to adapt and provide support to our clients amid a global pandemic. Our digital solution of AIOEvents, which was developed 6 years back now– All In One platform played a crucial role alongside a solid experienced team. It made us stronger and impacted our growth as we continue serving our customers in the region.” Said Michel Huguenin, planitswiss Global CEO

The success of our endeavors was fostered by key institutions in Asia for instance the Embassy of Switzerland, the French Chamber Of Commerce in Singapore, and many more. With such key partners, we were privileged to coordinate 331 events, out of which 215 events for planitswiss Asia and 116 for imavox Asia, our sister-company. We served 190 different corporate clients in 40 industries and 16 countries within APAC.

We could not have accomplished such a triumph without our super-star, ingenious team, and their motivation to the success of the Singapore office led by Samantha Soo as our Country Director for Singapore.

The diverse background within our team is a key tool in the expansion of ideas, originality and cross office support that allows us to bring fresh ideas to the table and most importantly the experience to consult and advise on any undertaking.

For the 10th year anniversary, planitswiss Asia recognize the great fit endorsed by its external partners as well as the internal force of teamwork, ownership and thriving spirit among its team members. Our philosophy is based on a globally sustainable and fair collaborative model between clients, colleagues, and partners.

“We are delighted of the wonderful team we acquired throughout the ten years and for the commitment they observe daily to the company goals. The freedom to act, influence, and collaborate on the trajectory of the company is part of planitswiss’ success for the past decade.” Samantha Soo, Country Director Singapore.

The ingenuity of our team members is the backbone of the innovations and digitalization of our services.

Through the last 10 years, Singapore did play a crucial role in the innovation part of the group in particular the digitalization of our activities. Our regional office based in Singapore has also trained a couple of our colleagues that now work out of Europe or Africa in Global roles allowing to spread the understanding of Asia ecosystem within the group.

The company has the aim to grow in the region based on solid partnership models with our customers and team in a sustainable and respectful working model. We aim for authentic values while offering tailor made event for each of our customers’ needs.

For more information on how we reached this 10 years anniversary and how we can
partner on the success of your next event, please visit our website or reach out to the contacts below.

planitswiss Asia is a one stop center for innovative events serving corporate customers. It is part of the planitswiss Group along with its sister companies imavox, Swiss Events Rentals and All In One virtual platform.

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