3 creative themes that would impress your attendees at a gala

Being creative is what we at planitswiss aim for, but to be “smartly” creative in event planning is the goal. We express our creativity by thinking out of the box and smartly considering our surroundings to develop themes that fit the venue, architecture and space.

It is indeed very simple to go on search engines and find existing themes on the internet but the differentiation factor for planitswiss as compared to other event management companies is how we translate the theme and bring it to life. A theme encompasses a few different elements, including decorations, the ability to integrate F&B into the theme, the artistic production, and even how we can potentially integrate sound and lighting elements into the overall theme.

We are all humans and we like to feel emotions. Think about how your event can inspire people to feel emotions. Express your event creativity through stimulating the senses: what you see, what you feel, what you taste, what you hear, what you smell… The more senses you stimulate throughout the evening, the more your guests will feel a part of it.

Below are some of our most recent themes that received a lot of raving reviews and generated buzz amongst our guests!

Theme 1: Enchanted Garden

For guests who love the nature, fairy tales and a bit of glam! The enchanted garden theme will provide a serene and tranquil ambience for your guests. By integrating the food into the theme, it will allow guests to immerse in the surreal atmosphere. At planitswiss, our team with extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry usually work with consultant chefs to craft a specially customised menu that is guaranteed to delight your taste buds! Soft lighting and soothing ambience music together with roving acts/performances such as walking trees will enhance the entire experience.

Theme 2: Innovation

Innovation – one of the most popular themes! Infusing futuristic elements into the gala along with the special play of lightings will surprise your guests at every turn. Eliminate the use of props/backdrops for decorations and integrate the use of graphic elements as much as possible. Complete the theme with acts such as projection mapping or video mapping providing guests with a surreal experience.

At planitswiss, to further develop the theme on Innovation, we integrate technological elements into the event through live polling which can be in the form of a Q&A or getting people to vote for the best dressed person or anything really – contributing to attendee engagement. Our in-house event management app will help to make your evening more interactive.

Theme 3: Bollywood


Last but not least, one of our all-time favourite themes – Bollywood! For one of the galas, we were tasked with the seemingly daunting task of transforming an underground parking space into a glamorous event venue – exactly the kind of task that the planitswiss team loves! This is a slightly different theme due to the unconventionality of the venue. We had to consider safety issues such as the pipes and electric wires that were hanging from the carpark ceiling.

Most importantly, at planitswiss we strive to think out of the box, take all the ideas that clients expect from us and throw them away to IMPRESS with the UNEXPECTED!

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