Innovative ways to collect event feedback
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An aspect in event planning very often overlooked by organizers, would be the process of collating event feedback from attendees. Not only would collecting event feedback aid organizers in having a deeper understanding of what attendees feel about the event, it will also help us to identify the non-cost/time effective parts of the process that we should consider omitting from our upcoming event. We share some of the few innovative methods we practice in collecting event feedback here at planitswiss!

Interactive cards – instead of the conventional show of hands to yes/no questions, we place tick and cross cards on their seats for them to use while the speaker pose questions to the audience. Due to the nature of the activity, this has been proven to generate more responses in comparison to the regular show of hands!

Guest wall – think guest book at weddings, where we usually sign-off and wish the newly-weds a happy ever after. The guest wall presents a similar concept, but instead of signing off on a book, attendees would sign off on a wall, which the organizers would then be able to keep for memento. Couple this with a photobooth where delegates can snap photos and paste them on the wall along with their feedback – always nice to be able to put faces to names/comments!

Polling – not all attendees would be comfortable asking questions or giving their answers in a room filled with audience. Through live polling using an event app, not only would attendees be able to retain anonymity but organizers would also be able to obtain genuine feedback in real time. This has been proven to increase overall engagement between organizer and attendees. Win-win!

Quick survey– while attendees register and collect their badges, get them to complete a quick survey on what they hope to be able to take away from this event. It is not only important to know what attendees feel about an event after having attended, but it is also crucial to know whether the organizer has successfully matched up to their initial expectations.

In summary, although it is important for event organizers to collect feedback in order to constantly improve our service standards, we should bear in mind to keep the methods interesting so as to capture as much data as possible.

For more information on other innovative ways to collect event feedback, contact us to find out! We would be happy to hear from you.

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