Unconventional venues to host your corporate events

Selection of event venues presents itself as one of the most essential components involving event planning. In selecting the venue, this will determine the AV, logistics, theme, quality of service and flow of the entire event. Lately, there has been a spike in the demand for experiences as compared to events. Attendees’ expectations transcend the execution of a successful event; they now seek for a holistic experience when attending events.

At planitswiss, we strive to create the best memorable and most unique event experiences for our attendees as we believe that a successful event not only constitutes seamless event planning, but it also involves curating once in a lifetime experience for attendees.

In this article, we share some of the interesting event venues you can consider in breaking the norm when it comes to hosting your corporate events!


Did you know that museums provide event spaces for organisers to host seminars? Although these venues tend to lean towards the stricter side requiring a lot of terms and conditions to be met in order to retain the culture and history of these venues – this unique space bring to the table not many other venues are able to matchup by offering a completely different setting and atmosphere to the overall event.

Industrial Spaces

One of our favourite venues to organise any type of corporate events, be it conference, or gala dinner. Industrial venues provide a rustic and classic vibe whilst adding a modern and sleek atmosphere to the event. These venues generally charge a venue rental fee and you are allowed to engage your preferred vendors for the event. This allows us the freedom to be creative and work with a variety of third party vendors in planning the event!

Cruise Ships

For a different and casual setting for your event, cruises will bring you on an unforgettable experience that you can take home with you forever. Imagine the mesmerising views of sunsets or sunrise before your eyes while enjoying a sumptuous feast!


Fancy some evening cocktails and themed dinner by the ocean, alongside sea creatures? Aquariums offer an unparallel experience entrancing attendees to an over-flowing panorama of marine life seen through a large viewing panel. Where else can attendees get the chance to enjoy drinks immersed in an endless blue sea and be mesmerised by thousands of fishes swimming by. A one-of-a-kind venue that takes you on a Poseidon adventure presented with its own unique style.

To discover more unique venues where you can host your corporate events, for assistance in integrating the venue to a holistic event theme and conceptualisation in creating a unique experience, feel free to reach out to us at service@planitswiss.com and our team would be happy to assist you!

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